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Dunwich Dynamo XIX

(n.b. Originally published in Bog & Pheasant, Aug 2011) It is seven o’ clock on a Sunday morning in July, and I’m pedalling frantically down a muddy track in the middle of the East Anglian countryside. Next to me are … Continue reading

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Community! Fusion

Love fundraisers.* Next month we’re taking part in one that’s a little bit different. Community Fusion is a new charity venture in Portsmouth, a youth volunteering programme that aims to match young people to community projects. The volunteers benefit from … Continue reading

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The 2011 Twitter 1-Take Challenge

I was having a bit of an argy on Twitter with @jimmyhatherley (Moneytree) and @punchdrunkpaper (Thomas Tantrum) below. Cue songwriting frenzy. One go at every part, none of it written first. Yes it is A MASSIVE LAME GRUNGE RIPOFF with … Continue reading

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