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BaTS (and Befi-BaTS), SHiAT, and Genome Convergence Pipeline have moved!

Important – please take note! Headline: All my phylogenetics software is now on GitHub, not websites or Google Code Please use the new FAQ pages and issue/bug tracker forms, rather than emailing me directly in the first instance Until now, … Continue reading

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Embedding Artist profiles, playlists, and content from Spotify in HTML

Quick post this – turns out Spotify have added a really cool new function to their desktop application: You can now right-click any resource in Spotify (could be an artist, a playlist, a profile or a track or album) and get a … Continue reading

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Parsing numbers from multiple formats in Java

We were having a chat over coffee today and a question arose about merging data from multiple databases. At first sight this seems pretty easy, especially if you’re working with relational databases that have unique IDs (like, uh, a Latin … Continue reading

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Application note: ‘Befi-BaTS’ version 0.10.1 – Error rate and statistical power of distance-based measures of phylogeny-trait association.

In prep. SUMMARY Building on work presented previously (Parker et al., 2008), we study a number of more complex measures of phylogeny-trait association (implemented in the program Befi-BaTS / BaTS v0.10.1) which take into account the branch lengths of a … Continue reading

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Molecular convergence and adaptive evolution in constant-frequency echolocating Chiroptera detected in phylogenomic datasets

In prep. Manuscripts in progress (all rights reserved – you may not copy or distribute these files; content and conclusions subject to change; strictly embargoed until publication in a peer-reviewed journal/book): v1: .doc   Tweet this Digg Post to LinkedIn Slashdot … Continue reading

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