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Only Corbyn can save the Left

Labour go into this election with the dice stacked against Corbyn, as the Tories intended. But here’s the thing – he’s only an election liability *if* you believe he can win. But in fact everyone – surely even the man … Continue reading

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Labour’s Corbyn election – ten thoughts.

Riiiight so both Corbyn and Angela Eagle can run for Labour Leader, so the election’s on. Labour’s turn to agonise about runners, riders, the gap between party members, the MPs who they volunteer for, and the public who might (or … Continue reading

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On schools testing

Schools testing has been in the news again recently… are SATS etc useful objective measures of a school’s performance? Or do they add unnecessary stress and bureaucracy? Well I think we can all agree more objectivity and less stress are … Continue reading

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Progressives’ Club

I want to go to a club, clubnight, event or gathering for people in Camberwell and Peckham who believe social, political and environmental progress is possible, and want to work for it. What do you think? Tweet this Digg Post … Continue reading

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The Channel – a generation gap.

So Cameron has caved in to the Eurosceptics, and they all want us to move away from the rest of the EU. In my travels around the world, and business/academic dealings with the Americans or Chinese / Japanese, I’m reminded … Continue reading

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