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Antarctic adventure: beginnings

On Friday 8th November, I’m flying to Rio where he will board a sailing ship bound for the Antarctic on a songwriting mission like no other, battling fierce storms, icebergs and randy penguins, armed only with some blank musical notepaper, … Continue reading

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MSc Seminar at UCD, Dublin

High-throughput comparative genomics Research seminar presented for MSc students at University College Dublin, 24rd October 2013. Invited by Prof. Emma Teeling’s lab at UCD. Powerpoint: UCD_MSc_phylogenomics_joeParker_edit Tweet this Digg Post to LinkedIn Slashdot Stumble This

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Using x-windows to render GUIs for server-client phylogenomics

The power of modern computers allied to high-throughput next-generation sequencing will usher in a new era of quantitative biology that will deliver the moon on a stick to every researcher on Earth… Well, quite. But something we’ve run up against … Continue reading

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