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Rapid, raw-read reference and identification (R4IDs): A flexible platform for rapid generic species ID using long-read sequencing technology.

Our paper on rapid identification of samples using partial, low-coverage, MinION-sequenced reference databases for ID (at the Kew Science Festival) is in preprint. See here on BiorXiv: doi: 10.1101/281048. In it, we show (with empirical data and simulation) that the … Continue reading

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Field-based, real-time metagenomics and phylogenomics for responsive pathogen detection: lessons from nanopore analyses of Acute Oak Decline (AOD) sites in the UK.

Talk presented at the UK-India Joint Bioinformatics Workshop, Pirbright Institute, 09 Feb 2018 Abstract: In a globalised world of increasing trade, novel threats to animal and plant health, as well as human diseases, can cross political and geographical borders spontaneously … Continue reading

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Tent-seq: the paper (aka ‘field-based, real-time phylogenomics’)

Really proud to report that the first of our bona fide real-time phylogenomics papers is now out in Scientific Reports! In the paper we managed to show a number of things that are potentially really exciting, and I’ll get to … Continue reading

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Single-molecule real-time (SMRT) Nanopore sequencing for Plant Pathology applications

A short presentation to the British Society for Plant Pathology’s ‘Grand Challenges in Plant Pathology’ workshop on the uses of real-time DNA/RNA sequencing technology for plant health applications. Doctoral Training Centre, University of Oxford, 14th September 2016. Slides [SlideShare]: cc-by-nc-nd … Continue reading

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Omics in extreme Environments (Lightweight bioinformatics)

Presentation on lightweight bioinformatics (Raspi / cloud computing) for real-time field-based analyses. Presented at iEOS2015, St. Andrews, 3-6th July 2015. Slides [SlideShare]: cc-by-nc-nd Tweet this Digg Post to LinkedIn Slashdot Stumble This

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