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Progressives’ Club

I want to go to a club, clubnight, event or gathering for people in Camberwell and Peckham who believe social, political and environmental progress is possible, and want to work for it. What do you think? Tweet this Digg Post … Continue reading

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HYPHY Hack: Passing arguments to HYPHY for phylogenetics using the command-line

[ Important update, 2017-Feb-07 ] [ This solution, already a bit hacky, should now be considered a last-resort. Sergei and colleague Stephen Weaver have suggested a much more elegant solution; see: You’ll still have to dive into the batch file you want to … Continue reading

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Poonami and metagenomics

Sorry there’s not been many posts for a while. I entered a poonami. For those of you without children, that’s a technical biology term for when you’ve just finished changing one nappy (American: ‘diaper’) only to have another spurt out. … Continue reading

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