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Copying LOADS of files from a folder of LOADS *AND* LOADS more in OSX

Quick one this, as it’s a tricky problem I keep having to Google/SO. So I’m posting here for others but mainly myself too! Here’s the situation: you have a folder (with, ooh, let’s say 140,000 separate MinION reads, for instance…) … Continue reading

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HYPHY Hack: Passing arguments to HYPHY for phylogenetics using the command-line

[ Important update, 2017-Feb-07 ] [ This solution, already a bit hacky, should now be considered a last-resort. Sergei and colleague Stephen Weaver have suggested a much more elegant solution; see: https://github.com/veg/hyphy/issues/522. You’ll still have to dive into the batch file you want to … Continue reading

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