Community! Fusion

Love fundraisers.* Next month we’re taking part in one that’s a little bit different.

Community Fusion is a new charity venture in Portsmouth, a youth volunteering programme that aims to match young people to community projects. The volunteers benefit from personal development, learning and CV-worthy experience, while important, local, community-centred projects are helped and supported by those young people in the immediate area.

It’s a great scheme and one of the first projects is the regeneration of the Hilsea Lido complex. This iconic open-air pool opened in 1935 and quickly became a loved landmark and even featured a miniature railway at one stage. At the end of the last century however, it fell into disrepair. Step in the Hilsea Lido For The People trust, who purchased a 99-year lease on the pool from Portsmouth Council. They’re slowly but surely reviving the lido’s fortunes, refurbishing it and creating a social and cultural nexus for the whole community.

To mark this new collaboration and raise funds, there’s going to be a big family-friendly party / BBQ on Sunday 14th August. I’ll be playing with the band, as well as Huw Olesker, Luke Ferre and Hannah O’Reilly. There will also be face-painting, magic and apparently, sun. That’s the Blue Lagoon, Hilsea Lido, London Road, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 9RP (Map). Doors are from 1pm – 6pm and I have no idea when we’re on yet (plus it’s a big ole party) so get there early!

*Anyway, here’s a quick video of Stewart Lee talking about charity (go to about 3:00 if you have a terminally short attention span):

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