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In support of… taxis

Here’s where I’m coming from with this one. Let me say it simply: More regular cyclists means lower private car ownership, less congestion for taxis to deal with, and more non-car-owners taking taxi trips. OK, now for the detailed bit… … Continue reading

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A tale of two consultations: Proof Westminster Council want to undermine cycling

Two major TfL consultations are out today. Both involve key strategic roads which have to be made safer for the large (and ever-growing) numbers of cycle commuters they carry from South London to work in Central London. One has some … Continue reading

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Space for Cycling in Southwark – Ride and campaign

We need safer environments to cycle in – everyone knows that. Safe protected space to cycle in reduces conflict with motor traffic and pedestrians, improves congestion and most importantly brings the health and wellbeing benefits of cycling to all cyclists, … Continue reading

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