About this new site

As you can see, I’m running a new site now. Some content will be loaded pretty soon (old blogs, lyrics, music, software etc) but the design I want to do is pretty complicated, especially as the client-side stuff, so I want to wireframe it first somewhere else offline. Might get it done in a couple of months, so look out for a bit redesign after Christmas!

This is partly an ego trip, but mainly because I’m pissed off with Facebook / Myspace and all their popularity contests and formulaic box-filling shit, and want to get back to the good old Netscape days of the 1990s, when a personal website really was just that, and you could put whatever you liked up, however you wanted to.

I’ve installed plugins for Twitter and Soundcloud, and will get flickr in there too soon. Also, for commenting, I’ve activated the really-pretty-cool DisQus engine, so that those of you on social networking sites that want to comment, can.

In the meantime I’m going to slowly let the Facebook and Myspace accounts die. Just as a little piece of me dies every time I login to those damn things.

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