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Antarctic adventure: beginnings

On Friday 8th November, I’m flying to Rio where he will board a sailing ship bound for the Antarctic on a songwriting mission like no other, battling fierce storms, icebergs and randy penguins, armed only with some blank musical notepaper, … Continue reading

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Dear Steve – a brief guide to the modern music business in the UK

Note: a friend of mine knows a young, talented, attractive, committed singer/songwriter. They asked for my advice.  PS: we have a gig in Soho next week. No coincidence..     Hey Steve, mental week here, sorry it’s taken a while … Continue reading

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On Jet Lag

When I first started working on the building sites with Nick, my stepdad, I couldn’t understand How a 50 year-old-man could get up before the birds, Drive hundreds of miles, Grapple with concrete all day, Turn around at dusk, And … Continue reading

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Spider plant

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hay. ku?

I don’t normally write haikus or anything, and this one is lame as fuck, and i’m not pretending it’s not. but it just popped into my head, fully formed, and all metred right and stuff, so i think i’m not … Continue reading

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Cooking Time

=Gourmet Noodles For Beginners= SO in my pursuit of musical glory through not having a proper job (and it’s working – voted 5th best original indie band from Hampshire by readers of the Basingstoke Post 2 years running) I’ve been … Continue reading

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