Release news, Skandinavian tour and London warm-up date

H e l l o

Dear friends and conspirators,

Thanks very much to everyone who’s had so many great and encouraging things to say about the album mixes. There’s a vid coming soon too, look out for that! If you’ve not heard them shame on you..

A n t i s o c i a l 
No-one knows why they did this, but Facebook have shifted the goalposts again. If you want to see my crap on facebook in your feed you have to go to the page manually opt-in. I can force my sporadic gems of wisdom into your inbox if I pay, apparently. Screw that. You can get an unfiltered torrent of aimlessness from me on twitter of course..

R e c o r d s
After a while away from view where various wheels have been turning behind the scenes we’re picking up a head of steam again! We finished mastering a mini-LP of bonus tracks and rarities covering my early stuff (2005-2008) and this will be out in August. Dan Parry and me are also working away to finish the Ann The Arc live EP. And of course my debut album, ‘The Tired And The Stunned’ now has an official release date of 4th Feb 2012.

L i v e  g i g s
As far as You may know by now that I’m off next week for some Skandinavian* fun and noises. I’m playing in Germany, Denmark and Norway and I can’t bloody wait! Hopefully I can get some footage and show you all what I find. Though typically I still have to find the dosh to press the limited-edition tour EPs I mastered..

To get in the mood I’m playing a warm-up date next Wednesday 18th July at The Victoria on 110 Grove Road, E3 5TH .. It’s a great little place, good beers, outside bit, next to Victoria Park and the canal. World’s best chippie opposite, too.

It’ll be a small intimiate gig where I get to stretch out and go through all the nice quiet songs really well at my own pace, so I hope you can make it! On stage 9pm**

T h a n k s 
again for all your help,
Joe xx

*PS yes, I will do a cover of BoS’ ‘Skandinavia’ in Oslo!!
**PPS That’s a proper 9pm, not lying about the time – got a 7am flight the next day!
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  • JonG

    Hey Joe, stop by Amsterdam and I’ll stand you a beer, or two.