Saint Valentine’s Ballad from Lonely Joe Parker on Vimeo.

A song made up in the wee hours of Valentine’s Day by Lonely Joe Parker, Alcxxk (Internet Forever) and Souschef. HAVE A HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, YEAH?

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Lonely Joe Parker
“worth buying a turntable just to hear this.” -The Fly
Debut LP recorded at Furnace (BG), Abbey Road & Valley (both UK), produced by James Ewers and mixed by Sam Miller – out this summer.

Internet Forever
“A gloriously unkempt pop splatter that remind(s) us of every great bubblegum and indie pop band we’ve ever loved.” – NME
Debut LP out THIS MONTH! Album launch party @ Old Blue Last THIS SATURDAY 18th Feb!

Delirious DIY art-grunge in production somewhere near Elephant & Castle. Watch this pace…

Words & Music
Joe Parker (Sotones Music Publishing / PRS)

Arranged by
Joe Parker, Chris Alcock, Tom Sleeman

Filmed by
Nathalie Robins & Chris Alcock

Audio & Video mixed really badly by Pooj

Lyrics (J Parker)

Oh Saint Valentine, I pray
Show me the way
Show me who to kiss,
To kill;
And when to strike or stay

Oh the first girl he rode over
To, she lost his valour
And her halter quivered at his fingertips
Well call it beginners luck
He was well and truly sucked
And his heart was pierced by a cruel kiss


Well the second – what a peach
She had a lot to teach
Like the very best way to suck a lemon dry
Was she a dragon?
She had teeth
She scratched underneath and before he split, I swear I heard him cry:


He’d hung up his spurs
Made a ‘normal’ from a ‘worst’
When a finger came a-tapping on his shoulder
Was it the bottom of the glass?
Or hope that come at last?
He staggered out before the night grew colder

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