A different FREE song EVERY DAY til XMAS!!

Over every day in December up to Christmas Day I’m giving away a different song for free each day! I’m a bit excited about this.. I haven’t figured out the whole tracklist, some of them aren’t even finished yet. Fuck, some probably aren’t even written yet, for all I know..I think I wanna get back to a clean slate for this album I’m doing in January you see. Plus stuff gets recorded to be heard, no? Some of them are old stuff, some demos. Some released, some on tape, some never heard. Plus some live gems.

In the meantime there’s also some good gigs coming up this month:

  • 5th – FREE – The Library, Upper St, Islington
  • 8th – Little Johnny Russel’s, Southsea
  • 11th – Sotones Christmas Party, Hamptons, Southampton
  • 23rd – Mintsouth Christmas Party, Soul Cellar, Southampton

So to get today’s head over to http://www.myspace.com/lonelyjoeparker .. and tell your friends!

Have a good christmas,
Joe xx

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