Bike Kill .. literally

Check this out, a motorist loses their rag with a Critical Mass demo and ploughs through them as if they were snow, not fellow humans (0:45 in):

For those of you that don’t know, Critical Mass is a great protest movement worldwide. They peacefully promote cycling as a sustainable replacement for motor transport in cities, as a way to get fit, and lower carbon emissions.

Most of the major cities of the world celebrate a monthly day where massed bicyclists ride together. They stop traffic along the way, but this is not the aim – in fact as in normal traffic, the massed cyclists tend to move as quickly – or slowly – as cars in congestion do. However by riding together they reinforce each mutual confidence on the road, and remind other road users that bikes are not invisible nonentities, but real people.

I’ve never seen any physical violence on any of the 30+ Masses I’ve been on in London or NYC, and most cars can proceed on their way after a few minutes’ delay: not dissimilar to being stuck in traffic as usual, and the campaigners have made their point. This time, however, the driver loses it. Disgusting, inhuman and inexcusable.*

*Coda: the BBC report that the driver ‘felt intimidated’ by the bikes. If you’ve ever ridden in a major city, you’ll know what a sick joke this is. If you’ve known riders who’ve been killed, as I do, you might be tempted to concluded that the driver in question should be taken off the road and examined by a psychiatrist…

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