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Science communication

Scientists are specialists… …at making their incredibly interesting work sound utterly boring: Jargon and scientists’ love for their own prose tending to weave dense, impenetrable sentences.. like.. this… one. Luckily, I was able to attend an excellent Science Communication course … Continue reading

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Erith adventure

For Her birthday we went on a little ride to Erith and back. The weather was shit, and we ended up next to a poo factory on the Thames. 25 miles of rain + getting very lost on the Thames … Continue reading

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Befi-BaTS v0.1.1 alpha release

Long-overdue update for beta version of Befi-BaTS. Software: Befi-BaTS Author: Joe Parker Version: 0.1.1 beta (download here) Release notes: Befi-BaTS v0.1 beta drops support for hard polytomies (tree nodes with > 2 daughters), now throwing a HardPolytomyException to the error … Continue reading

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Yeah, I’m not talking about the famous Lemmings level, unfortunately (anyone know a good Flash implement of that btw?), but the tendency for certain dates to be kickass. By kickass, I mean: Kickass (n) (cic-aze). A sequence of date and … Continue reading

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About this new site

As you can see, I’m running a new site now. Some content will be loaded pretty soon (old blogs, lyrics, music, software etc) but the design I want to do is pretty complicated, especially as the client-side stuff, so I … Continue reading

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1,313: A Sotones Sampler

STCD037 – Released 04/11/2010 CD | MP3 | Spotify Buy now: iTunes | Amazon | All stores ‘1,313: A Sotones Sampler’ is the second Sotones Records compilation, featuring some of the best music from across the south coast, spanning indie … Continue reading

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