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The Future
(i wrote a long, eloquent bit this morning and i poured my damn guts out. but myspace stole it away into the ether between ‘submit’ and you reading it. huh.)

Well we all know what Leonard Cohen thinks. And other people think it’s a foreign country. if that’s the case it seems like I must be on the wrong side of the fence. it’s all about the UK i think. there’s a whole land of weird little b+bs, couches to crash on and national distress coach tickets to fake and the other day i realised how little i really know about the rest of the country.

did you know you can’t even get pea fritters up north?

i mean, i’ve been there before, played a fair bit of it and worked in scotland, etc etc etc but with a whole band you’re always a bit distracted; focused; zeroed in on the mythology of Your Band On The Road. so i want to take some time to meet some new people and introduce them to my frankenstein guitar. and filthy moods in the morning before the coffee comes.

now, to a pretty large degree this is me rationalizing as the rest of The Power have all got their own very exciting projects to work on, but i’d like to think i’ve got some free will in it. which is either totally true or totally an illusion, depending on how you look at it.

also – after a wee break in the states to find out a bit about how they elect people over there – and probably a couple of months pouring concrete for dosh (like over twice what a scientist gets, which reflects shit on the people who pay the scientists) i’ve got a feeling that i’ll have some quite different songs in the book.

we’ll still release Do This! the last power EP at some point i hope, depending on what Sotones’ other priorities are, i guess. at the moment it looks like either a rush job before christmas, or shelving it for a year or so. i hope we do get to release it though cos its a cracker – ‘Points’ is like the third or fourth best track off it, ‘Buttercup’ is going to blow you away.

in fact making ‘Do This!’ was probably the most satisfying thing i’ve done so far. that’s probably why i’m not in a rush to get it out, cos i really, actually, for once believe its okay enough that i don’t need to worry. also it reminds me of bob and davo and cams and jimmy.

in the meantime there’s a bike tour to do, a guitar to fix, and some relationships to patch up. see you on the tour or a bit later on,

joe xx

—ooh, a new bit—–luckyReadersOfLonelyJoe—-

I really like cycling. i’m really pissed off at the moment cos i can’t cycle. i haven’t been able to for weeks now since i got hit on my way to camden and cracked out a cotter pin (bikeoids know what i mean) leaving my bottom bracket a bit of a wreck.

so i’m looking forward to the tour really.

but! don’t forget confidence – cos okay, he did pull out, but i was coming down the hill in the sunny, happy, isnt-the-day-nice-on-top-of-the-world way you do when you’re cocky, but don’t realise it.

then – bump. and that’s that

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