Bicycle bicycle tour – flyers and details

ello all u lovely peeps…

first off thanks a lot cos we all know what a spaz i am at organising stuff…including crashing here n there.. anyway

here’s some flyers and other info type things

a bit of a mish cos i’m still trying to write up (15 days to go…) but pretty much there and so here are some flyers n that. any help u can give to promote, please do cos trying to think in promoter-speak and science-mind at the same time is driving me slowly crazy. well, rapidly crazy. well, crazy generally.. there u see??!?!?!?

Tour group (Facebook)
Bee Stings” EP – Released MONDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER

Brixton Windmill (facebook event)
windmill tickets

Oxford Port Mahon (facebook event)
OXFORD tickets OXFORD tickets, concs

Southampton Hamptons (facebook event)
soton tickets

full itinerary is:

21 – Oxford (Port Mahon)
w/ Stornoway, Moneytree plus guest tbc
tickets from wegottickets, concessions here
load-in 5pm, doors 7.30pm, curfew 11pm sharp

22 – Winchester (Railway Inn)

23- Guildford (Platform Nine)
solo show

24 – London (Brixton Windmill)
supporting Let Our Enemies Beware, And So I Watch You From Afar,
tickets from wegottickets

25 – Brighton (hanging with the Moules)

26 – Southampton (Hamptons)
w/ Peter lyons, James Ewers (MY LUMINARIES), SKULLS (acoustic set), hellomynameisjoshi.
tickets from wegottickets
load-in 5pm, soundchecks: joe – 5.30 pete – 6 james – 6.15 emma – 6.30 joshi – 6.45, doors 7.30 curfew midnight, party till 1, who’s got the after party???!?

you’re at the end of the email…
i better go and write a thesis now. its okay, only 18,000 words to go. that’s only just over 1000 a day.

thanks, love you all lots and you know i’ll be mister-nice-and-calm once its all done…
joe xx

le Tours de Britain - Last Night

Lonely Joe Parker - Tours de Britain par Velo

Le Tours de Britain par Velo - first night - Stornoway + Lonely Joe Parker + Moneytree, Port Mahon OXFORD

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