Don’t let the Eurosceptics force Cameron to cripple the EU!

Hi everyone,

It’s our future, and our continent.

Please take a few moments to signal your support for European peace and prosperity to David Cameron.

Tomorrow at the EU summit leaders will try and agree a package to safeguard the Euro and the stability of the EU, which is the culmination of 70 years of post-WWII work towards peace and mutual security in our continent – the longest period of peace and prosperity since before Waterloo.

Failure of the Euro will directly affect business in the UK – as business leaders have noted – and risk the entire European project. In the decades to come the Americans will no longer guarantee our security and wealth as they have for all our lifetimes.

However our PM is under massive pressure from a small but shrilly vocal minority of rightwing, Eurosceptic middle-Englanders to leverage these crucial crisis talks into ‘getting a better deal for Britain’ – which is code for the beginning of the end of Britain’s involvement in continental affairs.

Although we are a nation of island traders, sailors and thinkers who have on the whole benefited from involvement with our contintental cousins since before the Romans, lured by our weaving skill, brought roads and writing to our shores for the first time, we have occasionally retreated into isolationaism from insecurity. The last three such times resulted in the rise of Napoleon and the two World Wars.

Can we afford another episode of damaging, little-England isolation? I don’t think so, and neither do the Scots, who have this week announced plans to leave the UK altogether and forge closer links with the Scandinavians.

Please email David Cameron ahead of the summit tomorrow and let him know that there is a quiet, rational majority of British voters who are greatful for 70 years of peace and prosperity on the continent, and the benefits we have also reaped from it.


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