Songs in the snow – videos.

Lonely Joe Parker – Snow garden (part 2/2) from Lonely Joe Parker on Vimeo.

For those of you that don’t know, it snowed in London yesterday. This is a fairly rare event – as is getting a new guitar (OK, I got the new guitar in December, but a lot of the people who bought it for me* haven’t seen it yet. And I wanted to see how some quick little videos might look / go down. So here you are (in two parts):

  1. Hannah & Gabi (Evan Dando)
  2. It’s About Time (Evan Dando)
  3. The Outdoor Type (Tom Morgan)
  4. Learn Yr Lesson (Joe Parker)
  5. Brooklyn (Joe Parker)

…. this is what’s known as a Lemonheads-heavy experiment (I also put them on Youtube to see how it compares with Vimeo.)

Lonely Joe Parker – Snow garden (part 1/2) from Lonely Joe Parker on Vimeo.

*Yeah, my friends had a whip-round to get me a proper acoustic for my birthday. Thanks lots and lots to them and Dave, who organised it…

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