new year la alalaa

hey peeps

so – a bit quiet for a while because all that goddamn snow just before christmas killed my laptop. cycling through a mad blizzard in northeast london with the moulettes’ manager to get to their video shoot and heaving in looking like a yeti did my indiana jones rating a power of pooj, but buried the precious silicon chips. god knows how i’m going to survive without one.

but then, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because straight after christmas i set out with shivers, dan parry and dave wade-brown in my nan’s camper van on a super-secret mission to falmouth. it was cold, we ran out of electricity and storm’s very kind housemates might have just gone deaf for the rest of this new decade, but it was WELL worth it. more to come soon, hahharr!

also dave got drunk on NYE at mags’ in land’s end. and I mean VERY drunk.

what else apart from drinking, skating and seditious sessions? well, i’m back working for sotones for another few weeks. hopefully i’ll get the sack at the AGM, we’ll see. plus i want a canoe, anyone got one?

oh yeah – on the 22nd i’m curating a night at hamptons. i know i play there all the bloody time, but this go round i actually get to pick the bands and DJs and dress the stage and stuff, it’s totally my night!
here’s the event,! the idea is to go for a kind of film noir thing like raymond chandler, or the dwarf bit in twin peaks, or something. hope everyone comes and dresses up loads. like this stuff…

playing are MY LUMINARIES who i have fucking loved since I ran into them in dublin years ago, and nato, who are in my opinion the best band in the south by a million miles, joe ann the arc and a special guest.

so i hope to see you there! x

ps: congrats to barny & robin, getting engaged behind my back, apparently… huh.

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