Preview debut LP tracks!

Hi Everyone.

Today I can’t sit still with excitement.. we’ve got board mixes of the final edits back from producer James. These are for our debut LP, “The Tired And The Stunned”

We recorded it over various sessions at Furnace, Bulgaria; Abbey Road, UK; and Valley, UK. We plan to mix in Aug / Sept, begin to release free tracks / singles this year and have the LP out in Feb 2012.

Would you like to have a listen? Drop me a line at … What do you think? Which are your favourite tracks / moments? I want to pick out a 4-song sampler and snippets for a 2min ‘best bits’ reel. Please favourite or comment on the tracks (click on the blue comment bar underneath each waveform.)

And: Thanks very much for your time!
Joe x x

**Tracklisting (rough):
Side A

1. Brooklyn
2. Buttercup
3. Dum Di Dumm
4. Dead Man’s Pen
5. Amber
6. Sherrine!

Side B

7. Slurry Jamaica Rum Night
8. Barney’s Bathroom
9. Points
10. Quiet
11. Number Nine
12. Learn Yr Lesson

Recorded at Furnace Studios, Bulgaria / Abbey Road, UK / Valley Studios, UK.
Engineered by Thomas Joseph / James Ewers / Ben Startup.
Produced by James Ewers.
Copyright Joe Parker, 2011. All rights reserved. All songs written by Joe Parker. Please email for all licensing / synch enquiries.


Vocals / guitar: Lonely Joe Parker
Drums / vocals: Dave Wade Brown
Guitar / vocals: David Miatt
Bass: Jimmy Hatherley
Trombone: Chris Alcock
Keys: Michael Anderson

Additional vocals: Emma Richardson, James Ewers, Jimmy Hatherley, Chris Alcock, Campbell Austin, Todd Higgs.
Additional bass: Joe Parker, James Ewers
Additional piano: Dave Wade-Brown
Balafon: Joe Parker

With thanks to: Sotones Music Co-op, Grant Dawson, Rysia Burmicz, Katy Ledger, Nathalie Robins, Jamie Jackson, Jimmy Shivers, Dan Parry, Ed Caruso, Daisy Bowman, Tom Sleeman.

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