Been a little while… summer involved a lot of busyness and general running-about. Apart from anything else there was a lot more work to do on the Ann The Arc record than I knew.

Good news is, the demos have been flowing for new LJP stuff pretty freely for over a month now – up to about 40 tracks. About 10 of these made it into my set at the Sotones showcase at The Old Queen’s Head last month, and I went to Bulgaria to put that set down with the lovely and talented Tom and Rysia at Furnace Studios.

I’m gonna slowly polish a couple at a time and stick them up on Soundcloud, I’ll let peeps know when I do.

In the next month or so I’ll be doing a few one-off gigs about the place while we work out the kinks in the new set before we record – so stay tuned!

Till then, laters xx

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