'Vol.11' CoverFeatured Artists:
The Beaux Hardts, Money Tree, Edward J. Hicks, Monoboy, rude_NHS, The Scarlet Letter Union, The Limes, Band Of Skulls (previously Fleeingnewyork), Loose Caboose, Blakfish, Joe Parker And The Power, Philip Barebones, Chin Music, Caesura, JayEtAl

STCD001 – Released 2007-08-01

Reissued online in 2009 with a slightly different tracklisting:

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(‘Vol.11′ was a scene on a CD – Sotoness’ first proper release and a showcase for everyone involved…)

Original blurb:

Featuring the best bands in the south there’s something for everyone as post-rock jostles with glitchcore, drum’n’bass rubs shoulders with indie. Uniting the music and the musicians is a belief that good music is better put together and released by artists who care about it, about their fans, and each other. Every single copy is individually put together and numbered by hand, by one or more of the bands making this a truly historic release.

But don’t take our word for it – read the review in Kruger Magazine

You can also listen to the whole record online now using the media player on this very site (top left corner)…


  1. The Beaux Hardts – Lucky Pierre
  2. Money Tree – Cyclical History
  3. Edward J. Hicks – Skeleton Hand
  4. Monoboy – Gurb
  5. rude_NHS – My Viscus
  6. The Scarlet Letter Union – Agoraphobia
  7. The Limes – Glider
  8. Band Of Skulls (previously Fleeingnewyork) – Blood
  9. Loose Caboose – Hard Task
  10. Blakfish – Captain Burns
  11. Joe Parker And The Power – Bee Stings
  12. Philip Barebones – I Am Why You Are You
  13. Chin Music – Our Last Chance
  14. Caesura – Time Passage
  15. JayEtAl – Place Of Trust
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