Monday Night Mixtape

well not exactly monday night or a mixtape, but i have been listening to these pretty obsessively recently… need to get out.. roll on the bike tour…

Ferraby Lionheart – The Car Maker
Band of Skulls – Skandinavia (live)
David Byrne & Brian Eno – Strange Overtones
Aphex Twin – Strotha Tynhe
Pavement – Starlings Of The Slipstream
The Books – The Lemon Of Pink Pt.1
Peter Lyons – Holy Modernity
My Luminaries – Holy Modernity (live)
The Books – Tokyo
Blakfish – Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man
The Books – The Lemon Of Pink Pt.2
Frank Zappa – Naval Aviation In Art
Feist – My Moon My Man
St. Vincent – The Strangers
John Cage – Sonata XI

… yes there is a lot of books there but i realised i hadn’t listened to them in ages.

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