Open letter to Mothercare

Bakfiets cargo bike by You won’t find one in Mothercare though…


I have been unable to find child seats for bikes, child trailers for bikes, or cargo bikes such as Christiania or Bakfiets models.


Given many parents already cycle (20% riding once a month in central London where we live, and 4% nationally) or want to, and given the importers of some of these specialised items do not have access to bulk purchasing, I am very disappointed to find you apparently don’t stock these.

For instance, in the next 6 months when our baby is big enough, I am looking to purchase a Bakfiets centre-mount cargo bike. These high-value items are €899 in Germany but since distribution channels in the UK aren’t mature, retail at £1299 minimum here. So I may possibly have to travel to Germany to pick up a cargo bike at a sensible price. If a large specialist manufacturer like Mothercare stocked these at ~£1000 however, I would certainly wait and buy from you.

Do you have any plans to stock these lines in the next 6-12 months? Or should I buy from a German retailer?

Joe Parker

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