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Hello dear peeps

so – the US was crazy. Obama, hey?! they _really_ love that guy – was p[layin on election night and it was MENTAL. met some guys on williamsburg bridge, made a lil vid, bit silly. caught CMJ and especially Kirsten Ketsjer who were a.c.e., check them out. please.

lots and lotsa gigs, some of them in some really interesting places. i mean that as well, more later when i get a chance to write my little journal up! or maybe i’ll just scan it in.we’ll see. but here’s a sneak preview: what do ex-cons, spare shoes and oranges have in common??

answers on a postcard. whats up now then?

well, i’m pretty much utterly flat fucking broke. in money terms, at least. but one thing i found out is that when i’m travelling and touring, looking and listening, the songs come thick and fast and better yet, i have an ace ace time. why is it whenever you’re on the radio you miss it? cos we were on RADIO ONE thats right. thought i’d sneak in getting played by steve lamaqc really subtly. see what i did there? big mad props to dave jackie paper miatt for that one, love you dave x.

so the idea is to work really hard in some shitty jobs till the new year while i finish off some songs in the meantime. these ones are really good, i can already tell they’re better than anything i’ve written so far since just in gtr/vox they sound ace. when i get some other stuff on there it’s going to blow up. theres still some love and loss themes in there, but i’ve got a lot better at noticing what’s going on around me, so expect lots of other peoples’ stories too. they’re all our tall tales after all.

so in december i’m demoing some new stuff, doing lots of gigs nearer home to work the kinks till january and a bit of proper recordings in feb before touring a bit more widely. if you would like me to come and play for you drop me a line. I need to cover travel expenses these days though – if you end up out of pocket on ten gigs a month playing becomes a big fat un-fun expensive hobby, and i’m not into that! just so you know. for any charidee stuff thats different of course..

in the meantime the last few gigs planned before december are:

20 light lounge, BASINGSTOKE
21 jericho tavern, OXFORD
30 orange rooms SOUTHAMPTON

hope to see you there! tell your friends, thanks for all your nice words,
later then, love you
joe xx

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