Gigs in NEW YORK next week

actually that single solitary whoop can’t convey how excited i am to be playing NEW YORK in ELECTION WEEK!!!!!!

got some gigs in new york this week, me-doing-solo-stuff. come and say hi if you’re about, or get people down, hey? cos i could do with the spare change, innit.

MON 3rd – The Delancey, Delancey St, East Village
TUE 4th – Arlene’s Grocery, Stanton St, East Village
FRI 7th – Potion Cafe, McKibbin St, Brooklyn

..the sharp eyed amongst you will notice that basically i cross-posted that from the power page. i know. i’m trying to work out what to do really, what to focus on. oh well, we’ll see i suppose. answers on a postcard.

joe xx

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